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Easy framing in IKEA Ribba frames
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Sentences on The Textwall

The Textwall is a conceptual piece of art. It celebrates the greatest invention of mankind: Written Language.

Written language is a brilliant way to record the sounds of spoken language by coding them in graphic symbols. Coding words and sentences with writing makes it possible to store the words and sentences and play them back later. It is also a fast and efficient way to transmit language all over the world. It’s also silent and precise.

The interesting thing about a written language (words, sentences and text) is that the coded words, the graphic symbols are without meaning. The meaning is in the mind of the person who decodes the text. Often the same words have a different meaning for the reader. “My mum” refers to billions of different ”mums”. Loving and caring mums, happy and depressed mums, or unknown biological mums. The graphic form makes you associate immediately. The power of the graphic form is so strong, that it can make you happy, cry, or very angry.

The Textwall is a “co-creation” project. You compose your own fragment of The Textwall. You are the Textwall. You are part of the tallest artwork scattered over the world.

5. The Textwall is designed to be in your everyday life. Use the IKEA Ribba frame (IKEA artnr.: 000.780.32) for framing parts of The Textwall. This enhances the idea of one tall artwork spread over the world. The frames are for sale in about 300 IKEA stores in 35 countries. The parts of The Textwall are especially designed for easy framing in these frames.